Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last two days... updating webpages for LUL.
Lul-1 : Chorus_Line.ET

I stop making pages on Lul 3rd season: Utopia Project.

Using old shows directory -- "writing a show" principle.
"Staging Nonfiction" -- new concept.
[Theatre as Philosophy]
Will I be using online files -- for myself, for cooperation -- how much?
Promo for each show so far.
Texts for Staging --
antohin.wordpress.com -- lul-blog
filmplus.org/ethio -- Ethiopian Diaries

Friday, May 08, 2009

Before I get to antohin.wordpress.com [new ETHIO blog for LUL], I have to do some work on re-directing my webpages from Theatre UAF.
EDU pages -- future ONLINE and live classes in Addis Ababa (?) lul.vtheatre.net [ classes.vtheatre.net ] I still have to grade my last two classes before next Wed.
I have no plan yet. [ calendar pages ]
New "system"?
Perhaps, better to start with updating my old nonfiction projects -- him.filmplus.org
Or teatr.vtheatre.net [shows-concepts for the first season]
My old filmplus.org/ethio [ for film school ? ]

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

England Trip 2009
Originally uploaded by theellsworth
photobucket.com/anatolant -- Utopia Album
NEW way to collect images by flickr.com [vtheatre]
Other collections are @ photobucket.com/anatolant [many albums - menu? ]
picasaweb.com [ list of albums]

Main THREE + other directories at vtheatre and filmplus.org
[pix * images * photo ]
New system for Project 2009 [Utopia] and intergration into webpages [u21.us]
Video places?
filmplus.org/vedio & vtheatre.net/video [directories]
cine101.com [LUL Film School]

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

After Caligari 
LUL writing -- plays.vtheatre.net + write.vtheatre.net [ old directories ] 
 "Working Places" -- G-groups [ stagematrix, playwright & vtheatre ]
Old DIARIES : diary.vtheatre.net & filmplus.org/adiary
And -- filmplus.org/anatoly [film blog and pages] + filmplus.org/album
Other forgotten directories must be revisited and ...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Diary of A Webman

Diary of A Webman
W vs. W [ webmaster vs. writer ]
Changes AFTER 2009
Updating filmplus.org/web -- for beta.vtheatre.net & Project Utopia [ on nature of web-writing and web-reading ]. "After 2009" pages...
Perhaps, this post belongs to vtheatre.blogspot.com [my WWW-blog], but I have no time to reflect on web.vtheatre.net + web.filmplus.org ... I do not update my writing directories. I do not write anymore.
I do not read anymore.
What do I do?
I call it webbing.
I do not I still can write and read...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Losing my memory, or my mind? Forgot many words, knowing that I knew them before... In Russian, I didn't use the language much, but in English? I thought that after the stroke I will be getting better. No, the age is working against me.
No new places [ filmplus.org/anatoly ] could help. Why struggle?
Go directing only?
Paint again?
I am ready to give up. Not yet.
What do I hope for?
I do not know.
ANT or A.

Monday, March 09, 2009

I do not know how much could be done between now and our move to Ethiopia in the summer. 3-year-plan, web-structure for sporadic updates from Addis Ababa?
Ethiopian webmaster? web.filmplus.org