Tuesday, July 31, 2007

* WRITE notebook (google) -- trying to be smart. [ use Reader/Shared Items code to embed into webpages! ]

Notebook (or even scrapbook) style : filmplus.org/write/2007

rework pages -- write.vtheatre.net ... write2.0 ?

Read/Write concept

"2007" + "new" + "notes" in every directory to update! -- "Stared Items"?

Start with "0" pages!

"techo-writer" [ anatolant ]

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

... MyBlogLog.com -- new, including "add co-author" function?! "Community members"...

Man can't learn to think without men, but looks like now one cannot even write alone.

Am I writing? I am typing.
I am "making" pages! "Pagemaker" -- great!
Page-Master, what can I hope for? Texts, not stories. Never mind, novels.
You do not read books, Anatoly.
Anatoly XXI scans books...

It would be nice to write three lines of poetry...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

2007 - logos:

Ethiopian Millennium

Utopia Project








Best Average


Next summer -- it would be late to write about elections. Even in USA. Never mind, Russia.
So, filmplus.org/politics 2007 [Personal Politics] is a part of the Ethiopian Millennium Year Project?

Well, "democracy" is elections of the best from the average.

The best, which is not "different"! "Russia After Putin" and "America After Bush" -- ?
Changes? What changes?

* Point #2.
Technology is Politics

"Leaders"? Who needs them anymore?
The Average (Man) has to go through changes dictated by IT, web and the rest of yahoo googles -- "Life-long-learning" and "Self-educations" is for all, not for De Vinci only.

"Average Genius" -- another paradox?

Well, I rest my case.

Social Anatoly (anatoly.org) or anatolant (?) will be working on Utopia Project in stages :
* semiotics of politics
* Winter and Summer Fools (engl. editions?)
* Visual PoMo

[ using picasA ]

-- all R/g are Dead related [ Spring 2008 Theatre UAF show I direct ]

*** of course, this notes [directory] is webmaster's diary blog.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

From Book of Fool,us

Updating American Book http://filmplus.org/amer/0.html

I was writing "Post-AmeriKa" ... and now I want to defend her. I am a muture American, this Fall I will be 27 (I defected in 1980).

I do not hear voices of non-Americans who can see beyond the news from Iraq.

Maybe, in http://american.vtheatre.net/ "America 2.0"
or perhaps, in "Winter Fool" [ru] ...

Only if the summer won't be gone doing webpages.

I am still writing one book "Self".