Saturday, July 21, 2007

Best Average


Next summer -- it would be late to write about elections. Even in USA. Never mind, Russia.
So, 2007 [Personal Politics] is a part of the Ethiopian Millennium Year Project?

Well, "democracy" is elections of the best from the average.

The best, which is not "different"! "Russia After Putin" and "America After Bush" -- ?
Changes? What changes?

* Point #2.
Technology is Politics

"Leaders"? Who needs them anymore?
The Average (Man) has to go through changes dictated by IT, web and the rest of yahoo googles -- "Life-long-learning" and "Self-educations" is for all, not for De Vinci only.

"Average Genius" -- another paradox?

Well, I rest my case.

Social Anatoly ( or anatolant (?) will be working on Utopia Project in stages :
* semiotics of politics
* Winter and Summer Fools (engl. editions?)
* Visual PoMo

[ using picasA ]

-- all R/g are Dead related [ Spring 2008 Theatre UAF show I direct ]

*** of course, this notes [directory] is webmaster's diary blog.

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