Monday, June 02, 2008

Diary Notes : I would like to have some 'system.' Not for readers (I am not friendly, especially to "users"), for myself.
To know where I put what -- and where I can find it.
I like the idea of "appendix" or "references," but I don't know how use it.
I made "dictionary" pages almost in every directory -- it would be nice to spend a lot of time on writing "glossary" (my own terminology I call "glossary").
Logic, at least.
I have to have "index" (first page to make in order to creat directory) -- and then two pages like "intro" and "notes"...
FAQ and NEW do not work for me: "New" (when?) -- it was new a year ago! FAQ - as if somebody ask me any questions!
Last year -- a lot of "2007" pages? But what is it -- inventory?
Even more rediculous -- [ 0 ] (new "entrance" pages in place of "1") ...
I wish Anatoly-Webmaster would be freindly to anatoly-writer, the only real user of my pages.
Oh, yes, the day was warm, but I slept through it and don't know for sure (working nights).

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