Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Study shows clearly: Media has been harder on Obama

Research from George Mason University's Center for Media and Public Affairs shows clear evidence that TV news has been mostly negative toward Obama, and more negative than toward McCain. That's right. The "love affair" of the media is NOT with Barack Obama. And McCain's followers can't see straight.

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Anonymous said...

So what is your point? I got this in an email today and agree 100%:

To me, the most revolting moment of Obama's overseas trip was the TV footage of him at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. You can juxtapose a picture of John Paul II putting a prayer of forgiveness into a stone of the Wailing Wall and a picture of Obama doing the same thing, and have a the most amazing picture of what Logos, Meaning, Truth, Christianity etc. are all about: here are two pictures that APPEAR to be identical acts, and yet absolutely everything - everything - about them is utterly different. Just think what is behind each picture; what is behind each man's entire life - what he has lived and worked for, whether for the love and good of others in self-gift or for expediency and opportunism at whatever cost; think about the books they wrote, Obama's revealing nothing more than that very expediency, however much some of "the masses" were gushing over his tenth-rate "insights"; think about what is behind each man's PURPOSE for putting a prayer into the wall - for a photo-op, a cynical attempt to win votes, versus a divine desire for reconciliation and forgiveness. Just think of what John Paul II did for the Jews - so much so that many, many Jews called him "the first Jewish Pope" and then read what Obama has had to say about Israel. To me, Obama is ALMOST Heath Ledger's Joker in "The Dark Knight" - a man devoid of meaning or explanation, an idiot grin on the face of nihilism, that nihilism built on his anti-life message which is so much MORE anti-life than anyone in the entire US, even more anti-life than NARAL and Clinton - neither of whom objected to saving babies of botched abortions!

Anatoly Antohin said...

Thank for your letter, but I do not think I can answer fully.
I do not have a position on Obama -- I wrote about it (my position) this week in "Barak Against Obama" some where on my "Personal Politics" pages [ ].
Conflict between Man and Citizen comes to real drama when Citizen is about to become President.
I only could use my imagination, trying to understand this SITUATION, which I will never be in, when you let evil (state) inside yourself.

Anatoly, anatolant, ant.