Friday, August 15, 2008

Forcing Freedom: Can liberalism be spread at gunpoint?

for/from -- Personal Politics : Mine and of George Bush.[ he practiced "personal politics" in Iraq? ]Lessons for future (USA)

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Anonymous said...

I read some of your comments on other pages about Obama - like, this:

"Would it be a problem for the world, if America will elect a president who is not an idiot?
Do we have your permission, please? Looks like Mr. Obama got a problem... he is not just another American clown, not, is it possible -- a talent. "

Please tell me I misundertsood, and please tell me the above is a joke. I am NOT POLITICAL and I WILL NOT VOTE FOR MCCAIN, but I thought you were much more intelligent than this. Obama is a scheming politician of the old school - a machine politician of Chicago. It cannot be possible that a man like you is blinded to by his so-called "talent" to the HOWLING VOID THAT IS HIS SOUL.

Truly, I am in a state of shock, after reading many of your pages.
It is simply not possible that you, of ALL people - have fallen for Obama.

Obama will do anything and say anything to be elected. Anyone - that is, a true "Man" or "Woman," not just a member of the collective, even the intelligent libertarian collective - can see that he is a DEAD SOUL, like a corpse come to life.

And if nothing else, his sickening support for infanticide - with his constant lies - truly he reflects his father, Beezlebub - lies about "what he really said" or "really meant" - disqualify him as a representative for humanity.

I could write books on this issue, but I believed that you - this blogger whom I have never met but who writes with such insightful vision - you, of all people, would see this man for what he is. talent, yes, but the talent of a Grand Inquisitor who claims to give the people the "bread" they want - "change." He is a demagogue, a POMO demagogue, a new FORM, a NEW RHIZOME of the despots of the 20th century. No nore tanks, no more strutting Mussolini
types, no more Fascist or Communist - but so much, much worse, just what America asks for!!

I guess you did not understand my post about the Wailing Wall.

Anatoly Antohin said...

I am not sure how to answer you; I don't know how to have a dialogue with you. I am not sure that you read what I write or what you write.
If you like to lecture me or anybody else, why ask questions?
If you indeed read my pages, you propably notice that I do not write for you, readers, or even for myself. I write to record thoughts, about Obama of myself.
I am not a blogger, not a writer, I live and reflect on my life. I am too old to seek anybody understanding or support or recognition.
I am too old to lie to myself... and this why I write. "Private in Public" -- this the old Method Acting formula I practice.