Tuesday, August 05, 2008

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I try to keep my semi-political notes away, but the reaction to his death!
What a shame! Shame on people who speak Russian, calling themselves Russians!
Russia died a century ago -- as we need another proof...


Anonymous said...

Shame on Americans too! I have read almost everything he wrote that is translated into English. The American who understood him best and whom he, Solzhenitsy, trusted most, was Joseph Pearce, who wrote "Soul in Exile."

yes, it is a simple book, but at least he understands what was important to Solzenitsyn, who worked with him on the book.

Anonymous said...

Where is my comment?

Anatoly Antohin said...

Solzhenitsyn spent 20 years in US, I am 28, and before I would ask from Americans understanding of Russian history, I have to look at Russians first. After all, his main books were published and some even written here.
Since "Democracy in America" I do not know who payed that much attention to the American problems.
Common opinion that Solzh. didn't know USA, but he understood the biggest and obvious -- that art and culture are almost destroyed my consumerism. And the reaction was emotional as in Russia -- "he doesn't like us!"
... "This Biography places solzenitsyn's religious beliefs front and centre and the core of his being" -- quote from one of readers' reviews @ amazon.
"Core" and "beliefs" -- not that long ago is was a definition of being human.
Thanks for the link. I didn't read the book.