Sunday, August 19, 2007

"3sis07" -- second life of Three Sisters?...
details are at -- my theatre blog.
I am in the "Chekhov's mood", I record, and I do not want comment on 2007 and what I see.
Special, almost non-Russian brand of existentialism. "Russian writer" is supposed to react, to sufffer, to cry, to preach... He always was with the heart of playwright, I show you, my stage directions are not read by actors... Why would you need to know what I think?
I don't believe you want to know...
Chekhov is a man of "Russia After Slavery" (post-1861), post-Soviet Russia in some sense... And what do you see in "free" country?
One would expect that everybody will be Dante, or Pushkin, at least, but -- no! "Free serfs" do not write or even read. They "live"! They enjoy living Americana style. Then and now. Relax, Antosha, have a hot dog, sweet prince.
Common place?
Too many people to talk about life and death, Prince Hamlet is Dead, Mr. Stoppard.
Why should I cry over them, who do not cry over their empty lives?
They need a doctor, not a wiseman.
Okey, doctor, you can write your stories. For yourself. And the like-you.
I have news for you, mister. Chekhovs died very much the same way as the rest of us.
What did you write, sir?
The Three Sisters?
Never heard.
I, write, too. Just finished writing one very important memo.
So, what is your story about? About the three chicks. Good title for a porno movie.
Take off your glasses, my dear writer. Why do you have them on all the time, on every photo? There is nothing new to see. Same-o, same-o... Yes, I am talking about life 100 years after your death, a century later! No, Dante, no a single one, but everybody is writing. They read only each other, it's recording their phone conversations. Thanks to you, our literature is a small talk, shows about nothing...
BTW, thanks.
I know what to expect.
There are a lot of people who lived and died without reading Chekhov. There will be more of them (they are not born yet). Billions!
As if you never existed.
Do you remember your grandfather, anton, yes, the one who bought his freedom?
What did he do with it?
Open a shop?
Pss, I won't talk about it.
Another name for mediocracy.
You are a doctor, you know this disease, the being healthy.
-- Where do I put this my note on Chekhov?


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