Sunday, August 26, 2007

600 Files : idiotopedia

or Language of Angels : a book Guildernstein write for his best friend Rosencratz to read after their death. Stoppard

Maybe this directory '600" was waiting so many years for a writer... and a reader.

It got them : pre-production period of the Theatre UAF Spring 2008 -- the characters do not search for an author anymore. They use "MySpace.Dot.Com" -- where characters write and read each other.

... using cell-phones.

Oh, it must be!

The sunset of the West is the surise of the Global. One language, one feeling, one thought. From many into one!

We call it "multiculturalism" of hubugs.

Yes, now we can speak by exchanging things (Hello, Gulliver), or pix of them (digital images).

My cat is a writer, she looks at me!

At It...

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