Monday, August 06, 2007

* from webmaster2.0
I don not use "webpages about webpages" directorieies : NTL, before my summer is over, I went back to (webmaster1.0) -- to mark (summary) of my WEB2.0 move.

Anatoly-Web (before 2007), webmaster1.0 -- mostly about technical aspects of webbing.
Webmaster2.0 -- philosophy. (At least, it was started this way -- "Beyond Stage", "enotes" and etc.)
"Webman's Diary" (Dostoevsky) is an outdated concept. And I won't get use to blogging...

MY Webpages are the workplace for me. I work on...

"Private in Public" (Stanislavsky about nature of theatre) : that's my method.

*** Important:
how to arrange my workshop for making CD?

[ using the (new) Apple notebook? ] The big issue = STYLE.

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